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Intrigues of Hermaphrodites and Masculine Females

This Story sufficiently shews the unnatural Intrigues of some Masculine Females, where by the falling down and largeness of the Clitoris, they have been taken for Men, as mention'd in my Description of Hermaphrodites, and are capable of every Action belonging to a Man, but that of Ejaculation.

The hotter the Climate, the stronger are the Inclinations to Venery. When I was formerly in Italy; there happened a notable Adventure in the Neighbourhood of Rome, between a certain Lady call'd Margureta, one of a noble Family in the Papal Dominions, and a Lady of France, whose Name was Barbarissa: These two Females were in their Statures very near equal to the largest siz'd Male; they had full and rough Faces, large Shoulders, Hands and Feet; and but slender Hips, and small breasts: In short, they resembled Men in all respects, but their Dresses, their Gates and Voices, and indeed they were suspected to be Hermaphrodites.

These Ladies, I am inform'd, paid frequent Visits to each other, and 'twas always observ'd, that no Body was admitted to their splendid Entertainments, which heighten'd the Curiosity of a Servant in the Family of Margureta, to attempt a Discovery of their Intrigues, they always locking themselves in, the moment they had dispatch'd their Suppers: In order to this, on a Time, this Servant, call'd Nicolini, with a piercing Instrument of Iron, and the Assistance of an Artificer, ingeniously made a Communication for the Sight into the next Room, by working a small Hole through the Wainscot, opposite to the Bed, in the Chamber wherein the two Masculine Ladies accustom'd to solace themselves.

At the next Meeting, Nicolini, to his no small surprise, had a Prospect of the two Females embracing each other, with a succession of Kisses of no short Duration. After this they both drew up their Petticoat, and exposing their Thighs to view, they mutually employ'd their Hands with each other, in the same Manner, and with the same force of Inclination, as a juvenile Gallant would make his Approaches to what he most admires in a beautiful Belinda, at the same Time continuing the closest Salutations; at last one of the Females threw herself down upon the Bed, and displaying her self commodiously, the other immediately begun the amorous Adventure, covering her Companion so effectually, that Nicolini could not possibly discover any farther Particulars: They had not continu'd their Sportings long before Margureta, which officiated now instead of the Man, arose from Barbarissa, and turning towards the Window with her Cloaths up in her Arms, Nicolini immediately discover'd something hang down from her Body of a reddish Colour, and which was very unusual: They both panting, and almost breathless, retir'd from the Bed to a Table, where they sat down and refresh'd themselves with sufficient Quantities of generous Wine.

About an Hour after this, they began to renew their Frolicks, and it being Barbarissa's turn to caress, who was not so Masculine as Margureta, to incite the falling down and erection of her Female Member, she turn'd over a large Book, amply stor'd with obscene Portraitures, wherein the amorous Combat was curiously describ'd in the utmost variety of Postures which were ever practic'd, or the Head of a youthful and ingenious Painter could invent; but this not having the Effect expected, Margureta strip'd her self naked, as did likewise Barbarissa, and both dancing about the Room, they gave each other repeated Strokes with their Hands on their white Posteriors; and this likewise failing to move Barbarissa, Margureta open'd a Cabinet, and taking from thence a large Birchen Rod, she flogg'd Barbarissa lustily, her Buttocks seeming to yield to that amorous Discipline; upon this, something appear'd from the Privities of Barbarissa, like unto what Nicolini had observ'd of Margureta, and they instantly put on their loose Gowns, and ran to the Bed, where Barbarissa embracing her Companion, did her Work effectually. After their Sportings were over, that each had return'd the Favours receiv'd, they decently dress'd themselves, and sat them down again to the Table, where, after drinking a Bottle or two of the richest Italian Wines, they kiss'd each other in the most loving manner, and Margureta rang the Bell for Nicolini to light Barbarissa down Stairs, who immediately taking leave of Margureta, was carried in a Chair to her Place of Residence.

This work was published before January 1, 1924, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.