James Glenday Letter 1824-10-26

James Glenday Letter 1824-10-26
by James Glenday

James Glenday's hand is difficult to read, not to mention his spelling, and I have probably gotten some of this wrong.
This letter was written on the same folded letter as Ann Glenday Letter 1824-10-26
Source: Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, January 22, 2000.

St Charels October 26th 1824

Dear Father

I and my Sister Ann ar In tolerable helgth at present. Thanks Be to the most high for It ann has Ben complaining Buyt she has got over It measuably. I am at a loss to know how to sftrdd you. I hav done wrong an In my errer before that It Is too late. I colected my money and lett it out at a0 per ¢ with a neagrow for seventy. the reason of me letting It out was I was not setteled In aney Business and I though that getting It up By littels that it might squander It away and never git the half of It. But in this way I lett out all To one man and took his Bond. you know the dificultey of this country that a person has To take 5 and 10 dollers as a man can git It. I may lose my money for as carefull as I hav ben If my Security dies I may be Bothered to get my money. But thare ar twelve neagrows left. I think that I am tolerable Safe. I should lik To Start the grocrey Busness this winter but I am afrad that I can not accomplish my end on acount that of the last Payment was maid onley In august that Payment was of one hundred dollers & on that account I am put Back for one year I will have to work for as lettel had as I mak of It. the reason of me Being So anceious to Starte the grocreous Busness Is that mr Shaw died about a munth a go and his goods Is to Be sold I dont know the terms of the sale at Present or I would lt you know If thay giv 9 or 12 munths credit I will start If I can get securety for then will Be Sum tolerabl Bargens gott at It. from the letter that you Sent To mr Corvey I though a grat deal of the advice that you gav to me. I though seareiousley on It and every time that I read It causes me to refleck on the time that I hav spent foolishley I sill treay to dow Better for the time to cum. If I cannot git securety I will trey the lower countrey If I can not git in to sum Busness that will recomend me to stay Ise the want of you now But I never seen It Befor But now I want your advise I would Pay atention to It now that I never don before Be so good to advise me In the best of your knolledge for well do I know that you ar able to giv advise and I will trey to emprove om It.

you Spok of Selling the house and fetching ann home An is contented to live here and with regard to the house I dont think that we could get $400 dollars for It at present It Is out of the question to get money for aney thing here the house Is ful at Present and If the house was fixed we could keep It ful always. The chimples will have To Be taken down and maid so as thay wont smoak. I will fenish one of them this fall If I have helgth and git don a Job that I have on hands at Present alsow It will want a new roof Before long for the son has turned them up so as thay ar a grat maney of them that ar rotton and leaks In several places I fixed It sum time ago that will dow for a while her after I will try and take care of the Property for If you Please to tell me too live Into It I will Settel my Self and stay In the house and dow the best that I can --- for a living It Is time for a man to look for him Self when he arives at the age of twentey tow how ever tell that stand. the land that you left has to Be confirmed or we will luse It all together. By an ack of congress that all Spanish grants has to Be confirmed or thay fall to the united Stats I hav Ben as diligant as Possible to find out the grant. I have maid a calculation that It will cost about $20 dollars To git It don I would describe It Better But I want records and Paten To describe Your frend HL Mills Is high Sherif of this countey and hope will dow well. Mr. Eckart Is a dowing tolerable well he was elected for Constable last election. Thomas Lindsay and Familey In good helth at Present and has there respects to you all and wonders of Hellens Silence James Lindes and his familey Is well and has Ben well all sumer except charlet she had a spe of the roometisoms she was varey bad uncle Is doing tolerable well he Is got the start and out of det and what he maks Is clean how ever he Is like the rest of the farmers dow the Best that thay can you know the nature of the farmers in this cuntrey Better then I can describe them blowing Blustring fellows at the Best Give my respect to Hellen Thomas & Andrew I hope that Thomas Is adoing well and a good workman and stedey Be Saving and Take care of your self Be so good as to write a time or two In my fathers next letter I hope that Andrew Is a good scooler treay and make him a good scooler If Possible Hellen I supose that she will soon be for changing her name Give my respects to my uncles there and them them that they have my Best wishes I supose that Bell Ogelye Is married before this time Petter I hope Is a dowing well I supose that James is the darling of the famley the last acount he was in Edenbuogh I hope he Is there yett Provesions Is remarceble cheap here Pork from 1½ To 2 per hundered wt Beef from 75¢ to 1 dollar per hundred wt frowen from 2¢ to 2½ per lb corn from 20¢ to 25 per bushen Potatoes the same Butter and egs from 10¢ to 12 ? everey eateble Is so remarcable cheap that a man with lttel industrey can live well

I remane your Afectionet Son James Glenday