Jersey Journal/1893/Trying to Refresh Conboy's Memory

Trying to Refresh Conboy's Memory  (1893) 

Patrick Norton (1856-1905) and John Norton (1861-1905) in the Jersey Journal on May 19, 1891.

Trying to Refresh Conboy's Memory. John Norton and Patrick Norton, of 103 Bright Street, had a bloody row with T. C. Conboy, of 292 Warren Street, last night. Officer Pendergast locked up all hands. When Police Justice O'Donnell today asked Conboy, the underdog in the fight, for the particulars concerning the row, Conboy tried to dodge the issue by claiming that his disfigured face was the result of a fall. The court thereupon committed the whole crowd to await examination tomorrow morning. By that time the justice thinks Conboy's memory will have been somewhat refreshed.

Patrick J. Norton (1856-1905) and John Norton (1861-1905) in a fist fight as reported in the Jersey Journal on Tuesday, May 19, 1891.png

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