Jersey Journal/1926/Accused Slayer And Captors

Accused Slayer And Captors  (1926) 

Felix Szczęsny (1888-1926) in the Jersey Journal on October 14, 1926.

Accused Slayer And Captors. Left to right: John O'Neill, Ralph Grimaldo and Lieut. Charles Ballerine. Ralph Grimaldo, 46, of 329 East Twelfth Street, New York City, known as Ralph Bruinaldo, "Bannana" and "Joe the Wop," who stabbed to death Felix Suzczesny of 160 Steuben Street and seriously wounded Andrew Zuilkowski, his stepbrother, during a drunken brawl last night is shown between his captors. Detectives John O'Neill and Lieutenant Charles Ballerine in Jersey City headquarters following his capture near Carthage, New York, where the slayer had sought refuge. "Joe" fled the city following the commission of the crimes and for three days the local police searched for him. Ballerine and O'Neill got a tip on his whereabouts when they intercepted a telegram "Joe" had sent to his wife at the Twelfth Street address in New York. The slayer was held without bail for the Grand Jury this morning when he was arraigned before Judge William V. O'Driscoll in the Second Criminal Court.

Felix Szczęsny (1888-1926) murder in the Jersey Journal on October 14, 1926.png

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