Jersey Journal/1930/Smoothing Papa's Forehead

Smoothing Papa's Forehead  (1930) 
by Naida Muriel Freudenberg

The short story, Smoothing Papa's Forehead, by Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998) and published in The Jersey Journal on March 15, 1930.

Smoothing Papa's Forehead
By Naida Muriel Freudenberg
9 Claremont Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey

Sarah's mother had often spoken to her about "smoothing" the clothes with the iron. One day Sarah's father had a severe headache and was lying on the couch to rest. While his wife was dampening a cloth to put on his forehead. she was disturbed by a visitor. As she was going toward the door, she called. "Sarah. here's a damp cloth. put it on papa's forehead and if you want to you may smooth it for him." The caller made a short visit and as Sarah's mother was coming from the door she saw Sarah carrying flat iron into the living room. Sarah's mom was very much surprised and asked. "Sarah, what are you going to do with that iron" Sarah answered. "Why I'm going to smooth papa's forehead. you told me to."

Smoothing Papa's Forehead by Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998) in the Jersey Journal on March 15, 1930.png

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