Jersey Journal/1932/Church School Builds Modern Christian City

Church School Builds Modern Christian City  (1932) 

Selma Louis Freudenberg (1921-2009) and others in Jersey Journal on August 2, 1932.

Church School Builds Modern Christian City. Browne Memorial Group Taught Relation of Religion to Life. The Vacation Church School at Browne Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church has closed. The enrollment was 57, with an average attendance of 38. The school was for the community and had represented in its attendance nine denominations. The chapel was filled to witness the closing of the school and to enjoy the model of a Christian city that had been built by the school. The scholars had elected Miss Selma Freudenberg as mayor. She presided and in her opening remarks called attention to the Bible truth that should guide the mayor of a Christian city. Then she asked her associates in office to repeat with her the first Psalm. She then called attention to the fact that the church is at the center of a Christian city and repeated the 122nd Psalm as a call to worship. Then she introduced Gilbert Black, the judge; the chief of police, Thomas Bennett; the superintendent of schools, Winifred Reynolds; the head nurse, Marjorie Nelson, and the president of the Parents' Association, Lillian Ruffley, who responded with Bible passages that should guide them in these departments. The hand work done with the Bible work was expressed in the houses made by the girls and the church, city hall, school, and hospital made by the boys. The primary children were in charge of Miss Ruth Burnett, assisted by Miss Ruth Kessler. and Miss Catherine Hitchcock. The girls' hand work was in charge of Mrs. Samuel Moore, aided by Miss Edith Moore. Miss Jane Cox and Miss Phyllis Kirkpatrick. The boys' hand work was directed by Harold Evans, Fred Wheeler, Paul Buckman, Walter Nelson and Herbert Zach. In the building of the Christian City, the relationship of religion to life was taught in the building of the home, the church, the school, the hospital and the city hall. The staff of workers gave their services under direction of Rev. C. E. Scudder, pastor, who planned the project and the program. Pictures were shown of the children of the world and an offering was taken each day for the children in Korea. The following were on the honor roll for attendance with three stars: Eleanor Bennett, Lillian Ruffley. Selma Freudenberg, Marjorie Nelson and Gilbert Black. Those who had three stars for memory work were Winifred Reynolds, Marjorie Nelson. Lillian Ruffley and Selma Freudenberg. Other names on the honor roll were Carol Smith, Edwin Shoemaker, Jack Bennett, Ruth Williams, Jean Wallace. Eleanor Place. Doris Mertz, John Ruffley, Dorothy Wallace, Robert Stickney, Anna Allen. Lois and Wanda Grimm, Carl Place. Robert Leonard. Evelyn Thompson, Jean Stull. Thomas Bennett. Jack O'Connor. June O'Connor and Florence Egan.

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