Jersey Journal/1932/Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never Comes  (1932) 

The poem, Tommorrow Never Comes, by Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998) and published in The Jersey Journal on April 23, 1932.

Tommorrow Never Comes
By Naida M. Freudenberg
Jersey City

The sun is sinking in the West,
And the close of day is nigh
Can I say to myself: I have done my best,
Or did I not even try?

"I'll do what I can tomorrow," I say,
Yet when the new day is here
I find that my thoughts are to busy with play
To think of the pledge that I made so sincere.

So as each day goes past, I see
That the good I intended to do -
Is put off until "tomorrow" -
Ending in a pledge anew.

Tommorrow Never Comes by Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998) in the Jersey Journal on April 23, 1932.png

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