Jersey Journal/1937/Four Injured While Sledding

Four Injured While Sledding  (1937) 

Four Injured While Sledding. The first four accidents of the Winter season attributed to children coasting on their sleds occurred yesterday. Enjoying, his first sleigh-ride of the year, John Lavaggi, 13, of 454 Palisade Av., suffered a laceration of the right hip yesterday afternoon when he fell from his sled, while coasting on Ravine Avenue, near Palisade. He was treated at his home by Dr. Negele of the Medical Center. While sledding in front of his home a last night, Thomas Wilson, 8, of 290 Stewart Avenue, Kearny, was struck by an auto operated by J. Philip Frome, 120 Rutgers Street, Belleville. Removed to the West Hudson Hospital, the boy was treated by Dr. Robes for shock and went home. His mother refused to make a complaint against Frome. Selma Freudenberg, 15, of 11 Claremont Avenue, sustained a laceration of the right leg when she fell from her sled while coasting in front of her home last night. She was treated by a Medical Center intern and remained at home. Leo Sawyer, 13, of 274 Forest St. sustained a laceration of the scalp when the sled on which he was riding struck a tree on Orient Avenue. He was treated by a Medical Center intern at his home.

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