Jersey Journal/1940/Air Buddies to Strew Rose on Schneider Grave

Air Buddies to Strew Rose on Schneider Grave  (1940) 

Air Buddies to Strew Rose on Schneider Grave. Following funeral services to-night in Jersey City, interment services will be held tomorrow afternoon at Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, for Eddie A. Schneider, Jersey City aviator, who was instantly, killed Monday afternoon in a midair collision over Floyd Bennett Airport, Brooklyn. A plane, piloted, by Schneider, was struck by a Naval Reserve plane as the two ships were at an altitude of 600 feet, both coming in for a landing. Schneider, a resident of Jersey City for 23, years before moving to Jackson Heights less than a year ago, became a pilot when 15 and established It a new transcontinental speed record for junior pilots when 18. In 1936 he went to Spain as a pilot in the Loyalist Air Force and flew a bomber for several months. Pilots from Roosevelt Field and Floyd Bennett Airport will fly over Fairview Cemetery tomorrow afternoon and drop roses from the plane in a parting tribute to their fellow flyer. Schneider learned how to fly at Roosevelt Field from the late Bill Ulbrich, who lost his life while attempting a trans-Atlantic flight in the ill-fated "American Nurse." Schneider is survived by his widow, the former Gretchen Hahnen; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil A. Schneider, of Arlington; a sister, Mrs. Alice Harms, and a half-sister, Miss Eleanor Schneider.

Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) funeral in the Jersey Journal of Jersey City, New Jersey on December 26, 1940.png

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