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Folded Letter, Address:

Ly B Fawcett
Willis Fawcett


Franklin Hand by Missouri
March 14th 1835

My Dear Sons,

In Sorrow I announce to you the death of your poor brother and my unfortunate son Abner. he died on board the steam boat Magestik opposite to a Town called Bambridge on the Mississippi on the 10th Inst and was buried on the same day a short distance above the Grand Tower on the Missouri side of the river

how oft have the errors of this son pained and grieved me yet how awful was the intelligence of his death. Doct.. Dorrel of this place came up with him from Natches, conversed with him frequently on the way, and says that he appeared well and cheerful and was on Sunday the day before he died he was quite well. Dorrell came home last night he was therefore within four days journey of home.

My sorrowing spirit has accompanied him round in many of the scenes of late days and some of those long past. some times he was wayword but at other times he performed acts of genuine kindness poor dear fellow. it is the will of providence that it is so. I submit peace to his maner whilst hovering around his solitary ashes on the shore of the Mississippi.

except that Niles & Keys have the Mumps the family is well tho one of our boarders is lying at the point of death. we scarcely expect him to live to Morning.

I have not recd a scrape from either of you since the 26th of November, a note in Willis’s letter at Sanisville. is there any thing the Matter. if there is let me know it? if not pray write to me to relieve me of my anxiety.

I might say many things more but I forbear for the present “sufficient for the day is the wil thereof”
Joseph Fawcett

Source: Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1998.