Journal of botany, British and foreign/Volume 20/Brocchinia reducta, n. sp.

The first description of a new plant, appearing on page 331.

BROCCHINIA REDUCTA, n. sp.—Terrestrial, acaulescent. Leaves very few to a rosette, remaining erect and folded round each other and the peduncle, lorate, glabrous, 1½ ft. long, 2 in. broad at the middle, obtuse, without any marginal prickles. Peduncle a couple of feet long, slender, terete, furnished with several small ovate adpressed reduced leaves. Inflorescence a lax rhomboid panicle 8–12 in. long, with few erecto-patent subspicate branches, simple or the lowest occasionally forked; branchlets pilose, the flowering part not more than 3–4 in. long; flowers all solitary; bracts minute, ovate. Whole flower not more than ⅙ in. long. Sepals and petals about as long as the pilose oblong-cylindrical ovary, the former oblong and the latter orbicular. Stamens and style as in the other species. Capsule not seen.—Kaieteur Savanna, Jenman 873 !


This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.