Konig, Charles Dietrich Eberhard (DNB00)

KONIG or KÖNIG, CHARLES DIETRICH EBERHARD (1774–1851), mineralogist, was born in Brunswick in 1774, educated at Göttingen, and came to this country to arrange the collections of Queen Charlotte at the end of 1800. On the completion of this work he became assistant to Dryander, librarian to Sir Joseph Banks. In 1807 he succeeded Dr. Shaw as assistant-keeper of the department of natural history in the British Museum, and on the death of his superior in 1813 he took his place. Afterwards he turned his attention to minerals and fossils, and arranged the recently acquired collection of Mr. Greville. At the time of his sudden death, 6 Sept. 1851, in London, he had charge of the mineralogical department of the British Museum.

Besides various papers in journals, he was associated with Dr. Sims in the issue of ‘Annals of Botany,’ 1805-7.

[Athenæum, 1851, p. 954.]

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