At the Bars of Memory and Other Poems/L'Envoi


When the curtain descends.
An' I've made my amends
For wrongs I may have done;
An' the echoin' knell
Of the slow, tollin' bell
Proclaims my day is done;
O, lay me to sleep
In a grave that is deep.
Where trees are bendin' low;
Where the birds always sing
With the sweetness o' spring—
In life I lov'd them so!

Let me slumber out there
In the sweet perfumed air.
Beneath the verdant sod.
Just a spot 'neath the trees,
Where the wild honey bees
Toil where the daisies nod.
An' there leave me at rest
In earth's comfortin' breast,
Immune to pain an' woe:
Near the birds an' the flowers,
An' God's measureless powers;
In life I lov'd them so!