L. 1937 c. 18172 (Florida)

CHAPTER 18172--(No. 466).


AN ACT to Designate and Establish a State Road in Brevard and Volusia Counties, Floridia.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. There is hereby designated and established a State road to be and become a part of the System of State Highways of the State of Florida, a certain road described as beginning at or near Wilson, Brevard County, Florida, and thence running North via Haulover Canal, Shiloh and intersecting Road No. 4 at the E. Day property.

Section 2. The State Road Department of Florida shall cause a number designation to be given to the above established road and said road shall thereafter be known thereby until changed by the State Road Department or by law.

Section 3. This Act shall become effective immediately upon its becoming a law.

Became a law without the Governor's approval.

Filed in office Secretary of State June 14, 1937.