L. 1937 c. 18228 (Florida)

L. 1937 c. 18228

CHAPTER 18228--(No. 522).


AN ACT to Designate and Establish a Portion of State Road No. 206 in Brevard County, Florida, as a Part of State Road No. 219, and extending State Road No. 219.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. That from and after the passage of this Act that portion of State Road No. 206 from Merritt to Georgiana and from Merritt to Courtenay as heretofore designated by Chapter 14928, Acts of 1931, be and the same is hereby designated and made a part of State Road No. 219.

Section 2. That State Road No. 219 as heretofore designated by Chapter 14946, Acts of 1931, be and the same is hereby extended from Wilson, Brevard County, Florida, by Allenhurst and Shiloh to intersect with State Road No. 4 near Oak Hill, Volusia County, Florida, following the present County Road as near as is practicable.

Section 3. That the re-designation and extension hereby made shall in no way affect the existing preferential status of State Roads Nos. 206 and 219 as such status existed prior to the passage of this Act.

Section 4. All laws and parts of laws in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed.

Section 5. This Act shall take effect immediately upon its passage and approval or upon its becoming a law without such approval.

Approved by the Governor May 19, 1937.

Filed in office Secretary of State May 19, 1937.