L. 1937 c. 18245 (Florida)

CHAPTER 18245--(No. 539).


AN ACT to Declare, Designate and Establish As a State Road That Certain Road known as "Red Road" (Also Known As County Road 100) Beginning at State Road No. 26 (Also Known As Okeechobee Road), Thence in a Northerly Direction to the Intersection of said Red Road to What Is Known As Opa Locka Road (Also Known As County Road 143), Thence Westerly on Said County Road 143 to Its Intersection With County Road No. 80, Thence South on County Road No. 80 to State Road No. 26.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. That the following described road, to-wit: That certain road known as "Red Road" (also known as County Road 100) beginning at State Road No. 26 (also known as Okeechobee Road), thence in a northerly direction to the intersection of said Red Road to what is known as Opa Locka Road (also known as County Road 143), thence westerly on said County Road 143 to its intersection with County Road No. 80, thence south on County Road No. 80 to State Road No. 26, be and the same is hereby established, declared and designated to be a part of the system of State roads of the State of Florida and under the jurisdiction and control of the State Road Department of the State of Florida, the number of said road to be designated by said State Road Department.

Section 2. This Act shall take effect upon its becoming a law.

Approved by the Governor May 31, 1937.

Filed in Office Secretary of State June 1, 1937.