L. 1945 c. 22753 (Florida)

L. 1945 c. 22753

CHAPTER 22753--(No. 239)


AN ACT Declaring, Designating and Establishing a Certain State Road in Orange County, Florida.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. There is hereby declared, designated and established as a State Road in Orange County, Florida, the following:

Beginning as a point where the South boundary of N½ of SE¼ of Section 4, Township 22, Range 29E, intersects the Federal Highway 441, running thence East along said line and its extension a distance of approximately ¾ of mile until said line intersects the Old Orlando-Apopka Highway.

Section 2. That the State Road Department shall, as soon as practicable, cause the said road herein above described to be surveyed and located as a part of the State Road System of the State of Florida.

Section 3. All Laws or parts of Laws in conflict with the provisions of this Act be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Section 4. This Act shall take effect immediately upon its becoming a Law.

Became a law without the Governor's approval.

Filed in Office Secretary of State, May 30, 1945.