Lancashire Legends, Traditions, Pageants, Sports, &c./Part 3/Hand Ball, Bandy Ball


This is still a favourite play in East Lancashire, especially with schoolboys and girls. Four stones are placed in the form of a lozenge. One of the party is then selected to give the ball. On its being thrown, the boy or girl on the outside of the row hits it with the hand. The thrower then runs for the ball, and if she can hit the striker before he or she reaches the next stone, the one who is hit becomes the thrower, and the other takes a place at the head of the line. By increasing the number of stones, more players can be accommodated; and each stone is called "home."


This game is played with a ball of wood and stout cudgels. The ball is struck in the same manner as "golf," and that side which drives it first across a given line wins the game.