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Landon in The Literary Gazette 1822/For Music

For works with similar titles, see Song (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).


Literary Gazette, 29th June, 1822, Page 410


Thou art looking on the face of night, my love!
Is not yon evening star bright, my love?
Methinks it is
A world of bliss
For spirits all softness and light, my love !

This earth is so chilled with care, my dear!
Would we might wing our flight there, my dear!
For love to blaze
With the cloudless rays
It would have in a world so fair, my dear!

But my wish to visit that star, dear love!
Is vain as my other hopes are, dear love!
For my heart's wild sigh
Of idolatry
Breathes with thee like that planet afar, dear love!
L. E. L.