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Landon in The Literary Gazette 1822/Last Words

For works with similar titles, see Song (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).


Literary Gazette, 29th June, 1822, Page 410


Light be around thee, hope be thy guide;
Gay be thy bark, and smooth be the tide;
Soft be the wind that beareth thee on,
Sweet be thy welcome, thy wanderings done.

Bright be the hearth, may the eyes you love best
Greet the long-absent again to his rest;
Be thy life like glad music which floateth away
As the gale lingering over the rose-tree in May.

But yet while thy moments in melody roll,
Be one dark remembrance left on thy soul,
Be the song of the evening thrice sad on thine ear—
Then think how your twilights were past away here.

And yet let the shadow of sorrowing be
Light as the dream of the morning to thee!
One fond, faint recollection, one last sigh of thine
May be granted to love so devoted as mine![1]

  1. Signature after next song