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Literary Gazette, 12th January, 1822, Page 28


"Ten years ago," the world was then
A pleasant and a lovely dream;
Life was a river banked by flowers,
With sunshine glancing o'er the stream;
The path was new, and there was thrown
A sweet veil over pleasure's ray;
But ignorance is happiness,
When young Hope is to show the way;
And fair the scenes that hope would show
When youth was bright "ten years ago."

Ten years are past,— life is no more
The fairy land that once I knew—
Pleasures have proved but falling stars,
And many a sweetest spell untrue:
But may I look on these dear ones,
Feel their soft smile, their rosy kiss;
Or may I turn, Beloved, to thee,
My own home-star of truth and bliss!
While love's sweet lights thus round me glow,
Can I regret "ten years ago?" L. E. L.