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Poems  (1823)  by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Song - What was our parting?—one wild kiss

Literary Gazette, 29th March 1823, Page 203-204


What was our parting?—one wild kiss,
    How wild I may not say,
One long and breathless clasp, and then
    As life were past away,

We parted,—I to weep o'er all
    My young heart's great excess
Of passion, you to dream your love
    Into forgetfulness.

What has our absence been? a long
    And dreary while to me;
And must I feel—I dare not ask—
    What it has been to thee?

How shall we meet on either side,
    With heart so light as thine?
On yours it may be fond again,
    It will be cold on mine! L. E. L.