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Poems  (1823)  by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Song - Oh never throw thy love away

Literary Gazette, 2nd August 1823, Page 490


Oh never throw thy love away
    Upon a heart like mine,
The rose's leaf, the blue sea-spray,
    Would be a safer shrine.

The rose's leaf will fade when blown,
    The spray pass from the sea;
But neither are so quickly gone
    As love that trusts to me.

For e'en if love could touch my heart,
    Now free as yonder wave,
It would a meteor fire depart,
    Its very birth its grave.

Chain winds that pass from flower to flower,
    And bid them cease to rove,
And then I will believe your power
    Even to fix my love. [1]

  1. Signature after third song