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Poems  (1823)  by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Song - I envy thee, thou careless wind!

Literary Gazette, 2nd August 1823, Page 490

I envy thee, thou careless wind!
    How light, how wild thy wandering:
Thou hast no earthly chain, to bind
    One fetter on thy airy wing.

The flower's first sigh of blossoming,
    The soft harp's note, the woodlark's song,
All unto thee their treasures bring,
    All to thy fairy reign belong.

Thy wing o'er the green ocean roves,
    An echo to the sea-maid's lay,
Then over rose and orange groves
    Bearing their sweetest breath away;

Then through the paths of the blue day,
    Earth and earth's griefs left far behind,
To seek mid clouds a sphere more gay,—
    I envy thee, thou careless wind!—L. E. L.