Landon in The Literary Gazette 1824/Constancy 1

For works with similar titles, see Constancy.

Literary Gazette, 14th August, 1824, Pages 524


Forget thee—or forget
    What my heart hath so dearly known?
Deemest thou that wholly from earth
    All truth and faith are flown?

Oh! write your love on the sand ,
    And the wave will wash it away;
Or, place your trust in the flower
    The next summer sun will decay!

But take an emerald ring,
    And thereon grave your name;
Thro' the lapse and change of years
    It still will be the same.

And such my heart—if you fear
    That aught like change will be shown;
’Tis I that shall weep for the change,
    For the falsehood must be thine own.

L. E. L.