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Landon in The Literary Gazette 1824/Song 15

For works with similar titles, see Song (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).

Literary Gazette, 25th December, 1824, Pages 825-826


Farewell! and soon between us both
    Will roll the trackless sea;
I would that it could wash away
    All thought of thine and thee!

Fast flies the white sail o'er the wave;
    I would I too could part,
As I part from the sand and rock,
    With all that wrings my heart!

But what can I see that will not
    Still bring thee to my mind?
Thy smile is in the clear glad light,
    Thy voice in the soft wind.

And even if I could forget,
    The blank that then were mine
Were worse than all. O, better far,
    Be wretched, and yet thine!

  1. Signature after third and last song