Landon in The Literary Gazette 1825/Song 5

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Poems  (1825)  by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Song - My own love, my dear love

Literary Gazette, 4th June, 1825, Page 363


My own love, my dear love,
    The tears were in my eyes,
When last I kiss'd thy forehead pale,
    And drank thy lingering sighs.

The moon shone on the blue sky,
    And her light fell on thee;
I bade thee swear by that light
    An oath of faith to me.

I stood beside a fountain.
    And in its silver wave
I saw my cheek was crimson,
    By the shadow that it gave;

I'm again beside that fountain,
    And the moon shines on my face.
And imaged in that mirror,
    Is every feature's trace.

But the summer rose is faded
    By the many tears I've wept,
And, oh! it is the token
    How thy vow of faith was kept. L. E. L.