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Landon in The Literary Gazette 1833/Song 1

For works with similar titles, see Song (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).


Literary Gazette, 5th January, 1833, Page 12



These exquisite Lyrics were written for Heath's Book of Beauty, to illustrate a portrait; but, being excluded in the arrangement of that charming volume for publication, they have been kindly given to the Literary Gazette. Our readers must, under the circumstances, fancy a likeness to which to apply them.—Ed. L.G.

When do I think of thee?—
     When think I not?
Thou art, whate'er may be,
     Still unforgot.

Does the sweet morning rise,
     Bride-like, from sleep,
When their first revelries
     Bird and bee keep,
Singing out joyously
     In the green tree?
Then, when my hopes are high,
     Think I of thee.

When, in the languid noon,
     Lip and eye close—
When, like a fairy boon,
     Sweets leave the rose—
Then life's enchanted stream,
     Lovely and lone,
Mirrors a name and dream—
     Both are thine own.

When the chill midnight bids
     Dark shadows lour—
Tears in the fragrant lids
     Of each pale flower—
Then, O how mournfully!
     Think I of thee—
So darkly our destiny
     Closes round me!

Fate has one hope for me,
     Life but one lot:
When do I think of thee?—
     When think I not? L. E. L.