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Landon in The Literary Gazette 1833/Song 2

For works with similar titles, see Song (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).


Literary Gazette, 5th January, 1833, Page 12

These are the words, the burning words,
     I used to breathe long, long ago;
My lute has lost its early tone,
     My lip forgot its early glow.

I sing no more as I have sung;
     My lute and love are separate now—
'Tis taken from its red-rose tree,
    And hung upon a darker bough.

But do not think that I can bid
    My first and dearest dream depart:
Oh! love has only left my lip,
    To sink the deeper in my heart.

I cannot bear to sing of love:
    It seems like sacrilege to me,
To let a cold and careless world
    Hear words which only are for thee.
L. E. L.