Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate/Volume 2/Number 4/Communication from the Seventy

At a meeting of the seventy Elders held in Kirtland on the 27th of Dec., we were informed of the spread which the mighty work of God has taken by their means the past season. They have traveled, through the assisting grace of God, and preached the fulness of the everlasting gospel in various States and generally with good success; many have been convinced, and 175 baptized into the Kingdom of Jesus, notwithstanding many treat the proclamation of the last days with neglect, yet others seem disposed for eternal life, and receive it with a joy which none but the faithful can realize; and when the Lord in accordance with his word pours out the gift of the Holy Ghost upon those who believe and are baptized for the remission of sins they are enabled to bear a testimony to their neighbors in favor of the work and so the mighty wheel rolls on like a bright cloud in the heavens unchecked by the efforts of men.

The seventy Elders bear testimony of the goodness of God in the outpouring of his Spirit upon them, which has enabled them to wax exceedingly bold page 254in proclaiming the truth and in preparing the way before them, bearing them up by his mighty arm, giving them wisdom to stand against the wisdom of this world and filling their hearts with joy unspeakable, so that they have been made to rejoice in tribulation and not count their lives dear or any loss or suffering which they endure for Christ's sake: having put their trust in Jesus who endured the contradiction of sinners before them, dispised [despised] shame, accomplished the work which was given him to do, overcome the grave, and is set down on the right hand of God waiting for his foes to be made his footstool; in short, the relation of the seventy reminds us of that given by the seventy disciples whom the Saviour sent out, two by two, into all the cities and villages whither he himself would come. They went forth by his commandment, preached according to his directions, and when they had filled their mission, returned rejoicing in the power which had been given unto them; but the Saviour advised them not to rejoice in this but rather that their names were written in heaven; of this, we would remind the Latter Day Seventy that they may not rejoice on the account of the power which God has given them but because their names are written in the Lamb's book of life, never to be blotted out; and remember always that the Kingdom of heaven in the last days is likened unto a grain of mustard seed, which is first concealed in the earth from the sight of man, then springing up a tender blade, but in the end towering aloft a mighty plant, and filling the whole earth. So we hope, and more than hope, for we have the word and promise of the Lord, that these seventy Elders will arise by the grace of God, go forth among the nations of the earth and preach the gospel in its fulness and power to every creature under heaven, and gather up the elect of God out of every nation, and bring them to Zion with songs; yea from the ends of the earth shall be heard songs, even glory to the righteous; that Israel may be brought back from their dispersion to their own lands in multitudes like doves to their windows before a gathering tempest which threatens destruction to all that are unhappily left in the field: that Zion may be builded, a holy city, and become a rejoicing as at the first: that it be built to be thrown down no more forever, for the Lord shall watch over her, to build up and not to throw down saith the Lord and the saints shall long enjoy the work of their hands; but the wicked with all their expectations must be cut off, for the consumption determined upon the whole earth, must be accomplished, and these seventy elders seem to be well fitted to act a conspicuous part in this great and last work of God on earth. They are worthy young men, strong, active, energetic, determined in the name of the Lord to go forward and persevere to the end; relying on the mighty arm of Jehovah, praying always to the God of Daniel, for wisdom, understanding, strength, power, and all things, that they may war a good warfare, overcome enemies, wax valiant in the truth, thrust in the gospel sickle by the power of God, and gather a rich harvest of the sanctified from the field of destruction which must soon be burned.

May the Lord speed them on their mighty errand, that the work may be done and well done, the righteous gathered, sanctified, and made meet for their Father's kingdom; and be looking forth unto the coming of the Son of Man in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. When the kingdoms of this world will be shaken, the man of sin destroyed, everlasting righteousness brought in, the knowledge and glory of God cover the earth; Saints be exalted and rejoice; earth purified by fire which shall burn like an oven; wickedness consumed; satan bound; Christ reign; and all the redeemed, out of every nation, with him forever and ever: and all the fulness of celestial glory be enjoyed by the Saints in the presence of God and the Lamb: Even so: Amen. Come Lord Jesus.