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United States Supreme Court

33 U.S. 44

Lee  v.  Lee

IN error to the circuit court of the United States for the county of Washington.

This case was argued by Mr Coxe, for the plaintiffs in error; and by Mr Lee and Mr Jones, for the defendant.

In the opinion of the court the facts are fully stated.

Mr Coxe cited, Davis's Collection of the Laws of the District of Columbia 155, act of Congress of May 3, 1802; Davis's Collect. 123, act of Congress of 1801; Davis's Collect. 265, act of June 1812, sect. 12. These citations referred to the question of slavery. As to the question of intention being exclusively for the jury, Mr Coxe cited, 6 Peters 466; 2 Cranch 258, 390; 1 Wheat. 151, 121, 3 Cond. Rep. 462; 2 Wheat. 149, 153.

Mr Lee and Mr Jones referred to the same provisions of the laws of Maryland and of the United States, as were cited by the counsel for the plaintiffs in error.

Mr Justice THOMPSON delivered the opinion of the Court.


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