Letter from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn

Letter from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn  (c. 1527) 
by Henry VIII of England

a letter sent approx. 1527 from the British king, Henry VIII, prior to his eventful marriage to Anne Boleyn; The main text is written in English, while he appended a small attachment in French. It is currently housed in the Vatican Museums.

The original letter

Darlyng thowght I haue skant laysor yet remēbryng my pmes
I thowthe it go cōuenyent to certefy yow brevely in what case oure
affaires stande/ as tochyng a loggyng for yow we have gotton
won by my lord cardinall menys the lyke weroff colde nott have
bene fond her abowght for all causys as thys berar shall more
shew yow/ as tochyng oure other affayres I enswre yow ther
can be no more dōne/ nor more diligence usyd/ nor all maner
off dangers better bothe forsene and pvidyd for/ so thatt I trust
it shall be heraffter to bothe our cōforte/ the specialltes weroff
wer bothe to long to be wryttyn/ and hardly by messenger to be declaryd
wherfore tyll your repayre hyder I kepe sūthynge in store trusty[n]g
it shall nott be long to for I have causyd my lord your fader
to make hys p[ro]visions w[i]t[h] spede/ and thus for lake off tyme derlyng
I make an ende off my letter/ wryttyn w[i]t[h] the hand off hym
whyche I wolde wer yours/ H.R

Nenmoins q[u]il nappertiente pas a vng gentylle hom[m]e pur prendre
sa dame au lieu de s[er]vante tout foyse ensuyvant vos desires volen
tiers le vous ontroyroy si per cela vous puisset revere moins ingrate
en la plase per vous choysye q[ue] aves este en la plase par moy don[n]ee
en vous merciant tres cordiallement quel vous plete encors avoire
quelque sovenace de moy. B.N.R.I. de R.O.M.V.E.Z. Henry R.