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Letter from the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Workers Party to Tito


November 2nd, 1944

Central Committee of the Bulgarian Workers' Party (communists) No. 61 November 2nd, 1944 Sofia

Sofia, November 2nd, 1944

To Marshal Tito and the CPY Central Committee

Dear Comrade Tito,

We would like to avail ourselves of this opportunity to extend to you and to the Central Committee of the fraternal CPY, as well as all party members and the heroic peoples of Yugoslavia our warmest greetings and congratulations on the liberation of Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia, crowning the resolute combat and heroic deeds of the Yugoslav peoples in three years of fighting against the Hitlerite beasts in the Balkans.

The Yugoslav National Liberation Army, which you have organized and which you lead, has greatly contributed not only to the liberation of your suffering homeland but also to crushing the Hitlerite hordes in the Balkans as well as driving them out from the Balkan region. The Yugoslav peoples, and most of all our neighbor, the Serbian people, were the first to raise the banner of a resolute national liberation struggle against Hitler's Germany and demonstrated to all enslaved and oppressed peoples the path to freedom. Our people, pillaged and betrayed to Hitler by fascist rulers, were inspired by your illustrious example and learned how to organize an armed partisan struggle against the Hitlerites and their Bulgarian agents. We shall eternally be grateful for the lesson and for the fraternal aid you have offered to our first Partisan detachments.

Now, when our people, because of the support of the invincible Red Army and your heroic National Liberation Army as well as the military uprising of the worker-peasant masses, in Partisan detachments and in the patriotic parts of the army have overthrown the shameful fascist oppressors and stand today shoulder to shoulder with the Soviet, Yugoslav and other peoples in the general struggle to overcome the fascist beast and drive him out of the Balkans forever, now our peoples and our fraternal parties observe the opening of wide paths for sincere and fraternal cooperation and the closest possible alliance between the fraternal South Slav peoples, supported by the Russians, liberation of nations. We welcome the first significant steps in this direction, the agreement on joint action against the German invaders which has been signed by you, Comrade Tito, and our Comrade Terpeshev. Our people are aware that they are responsible because they allowed the fascist rulers of Bulgaria to take power and then transform Bulgaria into a base for German hordes and the Bulgarian army into Hitler's gendarme of the Balkans, operating with violence and commit-ting atrocities against the population which was fighting for freedom; this is our crime towards the Yugoslav, especially the Serbian and Macedonian people. Our people, having experienced themselves the horrors of the violence and atrocities committed by the Bulgarian rulers, agents of Hitler, against all freedom fighters, are prepared to do their best, regardless of the sacrifices which have to be made by their finest sons in the common struggle against Hitlerism, to cause as much destruction as soon and as completely as possible, to destroy the shameful memory of the recent past and to clear the way for eternal and indestructible friendship, for a firm fraternal alliance of the South Slav peoples.

Especially in view of the establishment of a free Macedonian state within the framework of a federal Yugoslavia, making the first appropriate step for the realization of the Macedonian ideal of emancipation, a united Macedonia, we would like to inform you that our Party and our people most sincerely welcome the new Macedonian state. We shall work on its promotion not only among the entire Bulgarian people but particularly among the population of the Bulgarian part of Macedonia. We shall support with action the awakening of a Macedonian national awareness among this population, referring to the heroic past and present of the Macedonian people in their struggle for emancipation, organizing schools, organizations, etc. with the names of Macedonia fighters, publishing a Macedonian newspaper, etc. Working towards the realization of this goal we have transformed our Gorna Djumaja party organization into a Macedonian organization with the authority of a regional committee under the leadership of the Central Committee of our party, setting as our task the implementation of communist, in content, and national (Macedonian) in form, actions. Our whole activity will be developed in the spirit of broad agitation for the establishment of the closest possible relations between the new federal Yugoslavia and the new Fatherland Front Bulgaria, which in addition will clear the way for the least painful realization of the Macedonian ideal of emancipation, and a united Macedonia within the framework of a new Yugoslavia. We are profoundly convinced that in the near future, with the joint work of our two fraternal parties, we shall attain an alliance, which will create new prospects for all the South Slav peoples and will prepare the grounds for a fraternal agreement with all the other Balkan peoples.

Aspiring to establish firm and close contact between the central committees of the two parties, we send you Comrade Crvulagov to set up a radio transmission line and will very soon send our permanent representative to the CFY Central Committee.

With wishes for an early victorious end to the brilliantly led liberation of the entire Yugoslavia from the odious Hitlerite yoke and the closest cooperation between our two parties, we send you our militant greetings:

Death to Fascism — freedom for the people!

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Workers' Party (communists)

Secretary, (Spiridonov) T. Kostov IA KPJ VII, page. 367, document No. 131.

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