Letter to Richard Nixon 1973-10-11

Letter to Richard Nixon 1973-10-11  (1973) 
by Gerald R. Ford

This letter from then-House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to President Richard Nixon lists Ford’s recommendations to fill the Vice Presidential vacancy following Spiro Agnew’s resignation on October 10, 1973.

October 11, 1973

Dear Mr. President:

On the basis of the criteria outlined by you at the meeting in your office I am recommending the following in the order of my preference:

  1. John Connally
  2. Mel Laird
  3. Nelson Rockefeller or Ronald Reagan

I will not go into the reasons for my views as I'm sure you are familiar with reasons in each instance.

You can rest assured that I will fully cooperate and assist in this and all other problems in the months ahead.

Warmest personal regards.


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Gerald R. Ford, M. C.

The President The White House