Lindon, Patrick (DNB00)

LINDON, PATRICK (d. 1734), Irish poet, was born in the district called the Fews, co. Armagh, and belonged to the family known in Irish as Mac a Lionduinan. His songs continued to be popular as long as Irish was spoken in the district, and several are extant in manuscript. One addressed to a learned blind man, beginning ‘A leannan fire na snadh’ (O! true favourite of the learned), is in the British Museum (Addit. MS. 18749), and O'Reilly (Irish Writers, p. ccxxii) prints the first lines of six other poems. He died in 1734.

[Addit. MS. 18749, Brit. Mus.; O'Reilly's Transactions of the Iberno-Celtic Society, 1820.]

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