Littell's Living Age/Volume 137/Issue 1769/To Ethel


(Who wishes she had lived —
"In teacup-times of hood and hoop,
Or while the patch was worn.")

"In teacup times!" The style of dress
Would suit your beauty, I confess;
Belinda-like, the patch you'd wear;
I picture you with powdered hair, —
You'd make a charming shepherdess!

And I — no doubt — could well express
Sir Plume's complete conceitedness, —
Could poise a clouded cane with care
"In teacup-times!"

The parts would fit precisely — yes:
We should achieve a huge success;
You should disdain, and I despair,
With quite the true Augustan air;
But … could I love you more, or less,
"In teacup-times?"

Blackwood's Magazine.Austin Dobson.