Littell's Living Age/Volume 149/Issue 1921/Alma minha gentil, que te partiste

Originally published in Athenæum.

Alma minha gentil, que te partiste

Ah, gentle soul of me, that didst depart
     This life of discontent, so sudden tane;
     Rest there eternal in the heavenly reign,
Live I here pent to play sad mortal part!

If from th' ethereal seats where homed thou art
     Thy mem'ry things of earth may not disdain,
     Forget not his dear love, whose ardent strain
Thou saw'st so pure in eyes that showed his heart.

And, if thou see my love claim aught of grace,
     If aught avail this everlasting care,
This yearning care no cure shall e'er displace;

     Pray Him who sborten'd those few years so fair,
As soon he bear me hence to see thy face
     As from mine eyes thy light so soon he bare.