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Littell's Living Age/Volume 155/Issue 2004/Two Epitaphs

Two Epitaphs

     ["Memento mori." "Gedenke zu Leben."]

"Think of Death!" the gravestones say, —
     "Peace to Life's mad striving!"
But the churchyard daisies, — "Nay,
     Think of Living!"

"Think of Life!" the sunbeams say,
     O'er the dial flying;
But the slanting shadows, — "Nay,
     Think of Dying!"

"Think of Death!" the night-birds say,
     On the storm-blast driving;
But the building swallows, —" Nay,
     Think of Living!"

"Think of Life!" the broad winds say,
     Through the old trees sighing;
But the whirling leaf-dance, — " Nay,
     Think of Dying!"

"Think of Death!"the sad bells say,
     Fateful record giving;
Clash the merry Yule-peal, —" Nay,
     Think of Living!"

Dying, Living, glad, or loth,
     On God's Rood relying;
Pray he fit us all for both, —
     Living, Dying!

Granborough Vicarage, Bucks.