Liza of Lambeth

Liza of Lambeth  (1897) 
by William Somerset Maugham

Liza of Lambeth (1897) was W. Somerset Maugham's first novel, which he wrote while working as a doctor at a hospital in Lambeth, then a working class district of London. It depicts the life of Liza Kemp, an 18-year-old factory worker who lives together with her aging mother in Vere Street (obviously fictional) off Westminster Bridge Road (real) in Lambeth. A lively, sociable young woman, Lisa is adored my all in the neighbourhood, but when she starts an affair with a married man she falls from grace in the eyes of those around. Her actions finally have and consequences she cannot control. All in all, it gives the reader an interesting insight into the everyday lives of working class Londoners at the turn of the century.

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Liza of Lambeth


First published in Great Britain by William Heinemann Ltd 1897



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