London astrologer, or, A young girl put to the blush/The Maltman


THE maltman comes on Munday,
he craves wonder fair,
Cries "Dame come gi'e me my ſiller,
"or malt ye ſall ne'er get mair."
I took him into the pantry,
and gave him ſome cock-broo,
Syne paid him upon a gantree,
as hoſtler-wives ſhould do.

When maltmen come for ſiller,
and gaugers wi' wands o'er ſoon,
Wives, tak them a' down to the cellar,
and clear them as I ha'e done.
This bewith, when cunzie is ſcanty,
will keep them frae making din;
The knack I learn'd frae an auld aunty,
the ſnackeſt o' a' my kin.

The maltman is right cunning,
but I can be as ſlee,
An' he may crack o' his winning,
whan he clears ſcores wi' me;
For come whan he likes, I'm ready,
but if frae hame I be,
Let him wait on our kind Lady,
ſhe'll anſwer a bill for me.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.