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Love And Sorrow (Published 1830 in 'Chiefly Lyrical')

O, Maiden, fresher than the first spring leaf

with which the fearful springtide flecks the lea,

weep not, Almeida, that I said to thee

that thou hast half my heart, for bitter grief

doth hold the other half in sovranty.

Tou art my heart's sun in love's crystalline:

yet on both sides at once thou canst not shine;

this is the bright side of my heart, and thine

my heart's day, but the shadow of my heart,

issue of its own substance, my heart's night

thou canst not lighten even with thy light,

all powerful in beauty as thou art.

Almeida, if my heart were substanceless,

then might thy rays pass thro' to the other side,

so swiftly, that they nowhere would abide,

but lose themselves in utter emptiness.

Half light, half shadow, let my spirit sleep

thy never learnt to love who never knew to weep.