McClure's Magazine/Volume 51/Number 10/Lusk Illington

From a "Spoon River Annex", in October 1919, p. 26

One life at a time, one world at a time,
One dream for working out in life—
But oh, the price we pay, my friends,
For the coveted achievement!
For as to the mating of bodies and souls,
The planting of your garden,
For food and delight in life,
It comes to an idiosyncrasy
If you stop to think it over:
It's eyes of gray, or eyes of blue,
It's a certain mouth, or color of hair,
It's a nose that calls to something in you;
That is the woman for me.
And then you get the eyes, or nose,
And that is all you get.
And I who wanted a woman for wife—
Star-like, clear and pure,
Followed the instinct till I got her.
And what was she? She was pure, no doubt—
But so is filtered water!