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Lyle Branson Fawcett Letter 1836-07-10

Envelope: Mr Joseph Fawcett, Post Master, St. Charles, Missouri

Gainesville 10th July 1836

Dear Father

It has been a long time since I have written you a letter—I am now started to bring up arrears.

About the 22nd ultime Willis got here on his way to look at Greensboro of which project he has informed you before this – we left here the 24th and on arriving at Greensboro, a distance of 42 miles, found it a pleasant and thriving place, and one well adapted to the kind of business they are about to engage in – I am fully satisfied that with proper care and strict attention that they must succeed, and that both will be given. I have not a single fear. Will is perhaps better fitted for the undertaking than probably any other man in the country of his age – he is a first rate salesman and in addition has that happy nack of suiting himself to those with whom he is Thrown, which of all other things most contributes to a mans succes, besides these he has a natural politeness That no person can wear out, and which always protects him from the too forward advances of the looser part of society while at the same time he retains that good opinion – he has most too strong an eye to the to the [sic.] main chance that is he runs hard for a profit and most always gets it. I have often wondered at his success in this, when I think of the confidence his customer retains for him. as I suppose will has told you all his views for the future I shall drop the subject by saying that his partner is a clever fellow and of good family.

As to my own affairs – my first year ended on the 1st May last – our sales to that time were $31.000 and upwards being the year – sales for May this year $4.000 – June $4.700 showing an increase on last year of over 100 per centum, but this for the next cannot be maintained as our stock will hardly justify it – but enough is know to satisfy us That this year must beat last by 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

Last week I closed on a Land trade in which the firm was half owners by which We cleared $2.300 in money and a Quarter Section of land which I ask a $1.000 for – making beyond doubt $3.000 – this I done by laying out $1.900 at the land sales. I believe I told you of my having brought a store house at $5.00 last fall – we have refused $10.000 for it since, but will sell if we can get a place to go into.

I received my commission as post master for this place over a month ago – strange is it that after we were both so bitter against such an office we should now be holding them – circumstance forced it on me.

Mrs Scott often enquires and speaks of Ma & Virginia – she is very kind to us – today we all dined with her – that is Bob, Charles & me.

If Erasmus is wanted by Will, let him come as by the time he can learn the business something of the kind might go here. If I have luck I can give him a lift somehow.

Remember me to all – say to mother That as soon as I can leave things so that they wont go to wreck, I will come to see her – every day I am more anxious That the day would arrive.

Ever your affectionate son: Lyle B. Fawcett

Bob Charles & Mrs Scott send their love.


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless,1998.


This work was published before January 1, 1924, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.