Lynch, Dominic (DNB00)

LYNCH, DOMINIC, D.D. (d. 1697?), Dominican friar, born in the county of Galway, was son of Peter Lynch of Shruell, by his wife, Mary Skerret. When the town of Galway was taken by the parliamentarians his parents lost all they had. He joined the order of St. Dominic, and made his profession in the convent of St. Paul at Seville, where he lived for many years in great reputation, officiating as synodal judge under the archbishop. He became lecturer in arts and philosophy in his convent, and afterwards master of the students. In 1674 he was appointed to the chair of theology in the college of St. Thomas, after a special commissioner had brought from Ireland a satisfactory well attested report respecting ‘the pedigree, life, and behaviour of Doctor Domnick Lynch.’ This curious report is printed, with annotations by James Hardiman, in ‘The Miscellany of the Irish Archæological Society,’ i. 44–90. Lynch was elected by his brethren of the province of Andalucia to attend the congregation of the order held at Rome in 1686, over which he presided as moderator. He died in the college of St. Thomas at the end of 1697 or the beginning of the following year.

Lynch wrote: ‘Summa Philosophiæ Speculativæ juxta Mentem et Doctrinam S. Thomæ et Aristotelis. Tom. 1. Complectens primam Partem Philosophiæ Rationis, quæ communiter nuncupantur Dialectica,’ Paris, 1666, 4to; ‘Tom. 2. Complectens duas Partes, quæ communiter nuncupantur Logica,’ Paris, 1667, 4to; ‘Tom. 3. Comprehendens tertiam Partem Philosophiæ rationalis, in quâ agitur de Prædicabilibus, Prædicamentis, et de Posterioribus,’ Paris, 1670, 4to; ‘Tom. 4. Complectens primam Partem Physicæ naturalis,’ Paris, 1686, 4to.

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T. C.