Lyra Ecclesiastica/Second Series/O Maria. Hymn of Loretto



Here thy sacred house thou broughtest,
Holy Mother, when thou soughtest
To dispense thy heavenly grace.
Nazareth thy birth illuméd,
But Tersanctum thee assuméd
Seeking for a resting place.

Here thy house no more resideth,
But thy presence still abideth,
Queen of heavenly mercy fair.
O! may grateful love possess us,
That thou still dost deign to bless us
With thy fond maternal care.


  1. I owe this hymn to the kindness of George White, Esq. Jun. of St. Edmund's College, Old Hall Green, from whose forthcoming work on the passage of the Holy House of Loretto I feel sure that the faithful will gain much injoyment and much sound teaching.