Macdonald, Ranald (DNB00)

MACDONALD, RANALD, D.D. (1755–1832), Scottish catholic prelate, born at Edinburgh, of highland peasants, in 1766, received his education in the Scots College at Douay, and after being ordained priest returned to Scotland in 1782. He was first stationed in Glengairn, Aberdeenshire; after some years he was transferred to Glengarry; and thence was sent to the island of Uist. He succeeded Dr. Æneas Chisholm [q. v.] as vicar apostolic of the highland district, his brief to the vicariate, and see of 'Æryndela, sub archiepiscopo Tarsen., in partibus infidelium,' being dated 24 Aug. 1819. In 1827 he became the first vicar-apostolic of the newly created western district of Scotland. He died at Fort William on 30 Sept. 1832.

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