Mahommedan Prayers for the Queen


For the first time in India (says a correspondent of the Friend of India), the "Khutba" has been read in behalf of the Queen of England. The event took place at Lahore, by Mir Hassan Shah, Pirzadah of Battala, at the Eed Festival, in Alamgir's Musjid, which has been made over to the Mahommedans for public worship.

Translation.— "O Lord! help and befriend her who has bestowed on us this splendid musjid, and has given us this noble building, namely, the Empress and excellent Lady whose empire extends from east to west, and who has become victorious over the kings of Arabia and the rest of the world; her whose name is Victoria. God preserve her empire and authority, and bestow on her subjects the blessings which flow from her government. O Preserver and gracious helper of mankind. Amen (i.e. hear)."