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MAIN, THOMAS JOHN (1818–1885), mathematician, was a younger brother of the Rev. Robert Main [q. v.] He graduated from St. John's College, Cambridge, in 1838 as senior wrangler and first Smith's prizeman, was chosen a fellow of his college, and proceeded M.A. in 1841. He joined the Royal Astronomical Society on 10 Jan. 1840. Having taken orders, he received an appointment as chaplain in the royal navy, and was placed on the retired list in 1869. He was for thirty-four years professor of mathematics at the Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, and died in London on 28 Dec. 1885, aged 67. He wrote, with Mr. Thomas Brown, R.N.:

  1. ‘The Indicator and Dynamometer,’ London, 1847; 3rd edit. 1857.
  2. ‘The Marine Steam Engine,’ 1849; 5th edit. 1865; German translation, Vienna, 1868.
  3. ‘Questions on Subjects connected with the Marine Steam Engine,’ 1857 and 1863.

[Times, 31 Dec. 1885; Nature, xxxiii. 233; Luard's Cantabr. Grad.]

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