Maldon, Thomas (DNB00)

MALDON, THOMAS (d. 1404), Carmelite, was born at Maldon in Essex, and entered the Carmelite friary there. According to Leland, he became a distinguished theologian at Oxford, but Bale places him at Cambridge (Harl. MS. 3838, fol. 75), and is supported by a note in a Balliol MS. (cod. lxxx.) Maldon is said to have been an acute thinker and disputant. He died in 1404 in the convent at Maldon, of which he had once been prior, and was buried there. His epitaph is given by Weever (Funerall Monuments, p. 611).

A lecture by him on the 119th psalm is extant in the Balliol MS. already mentioned (cod. lxxx.), and apparently forms part of a work ascribed to him by Leland and Bale, ‘In quosdam psalmos, lectiones 48 in universitate Cantabrigiensi.’ Of his other writings mentioned by Leland and Bale, nothing now seems known. The titles are: 1. ‘Commentarii in Genesin.’ 2. ‘Collatio in librum sententiarum.’ 3. ‘Quæstiones ordinariæ.’ 4. ‘Actus vesperiales.’ 5. ‘Sermones 36 de tempore et de sanctis.’ 6. ‘Sermones 34 de Beata Virgine.’ 7. ‘Determinationes theologiæ.’ 8. ‘Quodlibeta.’ 9. ‘Bibliorum Introitus.’ 10. ‘Benedictio et Commendatio super fratrem Petrum Swynthwait.’ 11. ‘Benedictio et Collatio super fratrem Johannem Newton.’

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