Markaunt, Thomas (DNB00)

MARKAUNT, THOMAS (d. 1439), antiquary, was the son of John Markaunt and his wife Cassandra. He became bachelor of divinity at Cambridge and fellow of Corpus Christi College, not of Peterhouse, as erroneously stated by Fuller (Hist. of Cambridge, p. 65). From his being styled 'confrater' as well as 'consocius' of the college, Masters (Hist. of Corpus Christi) concludes that the Corpus gild was still in existence and perhaps independent of the college.

In 1417 Markaunt was proctor of the university. He is said to have been one of the most eminent antiquaries of his time, and to have first collected the privileges, statutes, and laws of the university. He left by his will, dated 4 Nov. 1439, seventy-six books, valued at 104l. 12s. 3d., to the college library, to be placed in a chest for the use of the master and fellows. The books, chiefly theological or Aristotelian, seem to have been lost before the time of Archbishop Parker, in spite of the oath administered to every fellow on admission to take every possible care of them. But a copy of Markaunt's will, with lists of his books and their values and a register of borrowers and the books borrowed between 1440 and 1516, is extant in MS. 232 of the Corpus library. It was printed by Mr. J. O. Halliwell in the 'Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society,' vol. ii. pt. xiv. pp. 15–20. Markaunt died on 19 Nov. 1439 (Masters, p. 49; Tanner, p. 512; Halliwell, p. 20, prints 16).

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